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Painting Her Fate
Book 1 in the Tell All Secrets series
by Layla Lochran

In this scene stationed in London, England we see Liliana (Lili) bringing out her wild, domineering side. We are talking a hot, sexy shower scene people! Zane is the lead singer of a band and who is also Lili's occasional bed mate. They agreed in the beginning they would not catch feelings towards the other, but recent events have made someone realize they want to take things to another level between the two of them. Will it end in heartbreak?

Do enjoy this little snippet of my first book, Painting Her Fate, Liliana's Story. 

London, England- After the best night at Tally's pub playing for a sold out crowd. - It's time to celebrate.


I enter in the darkened shower room, the shiny midnight blue tile glistening under the color changing lighting from above. Reminds me of stage proformance lighting.
Best to keep the rock star comfortable.
For a short time, anyway.
My body relaxes the second hot pulsing water hits my skin. I sigh in contentment as my fingers rake over my scalp and the scent of lavender fills the confined space. I decide to make my pet wait a few more seconds before calling out to him.

“You may enter, Mr. Morrison.” I state boldly.

There are no surprises now- by using his proper name, he knows what type of mood I am in- what game we shall play this night.

Excited footsteps make their way closer, Zane all but flinging himself into the shower room stall and promptly salivating at the sight before him. He readys himself to lunge at me, however, I’m quick to catch him off guard by tossing a soapy flannel square at his chest. He catches the cloth, glances down at it, then back at me with the look of a confused puppy.
The lad thought he’d get his fill right then and there. How wrong he was.

“Scrub yourself clean,” I begin, my tone turning from stern to cheeky, “there is no time for dirty boys in my playroom.”

Suds begin to fly as soon as the words leave my lips. He is quite eager, so much so he all but misses his eye with soap bubbles in his haste. In no time at all Zane is clean from head to foot and standing centry, water dousing his backside.

"Shall we?" My lips twitch.

Let the fun commence.
Running my artistic hands along the ridges, dips, and valleys of his chest and abdomen, I trace a finger along the black and grey quote on his ribcage, making him squirm and pant with heaty excitement. This sexy rock star isn’t afraid to flaunt his body, and what a body it is. Zane is toned and sculpted, tattooed and pierced in the most exquisite of places, he has this mystic dark hair that is the perfect fist-full length- *inner hum of approval*- and that smirk of his- no wonder why I want to do bad things to this man.
My mistress is ready to play.
Catching him off guard I none too gently push him against the shower wall provoking an excited moan from him. He tries leaning in to kiss my lips, I instead pull back, waggling my finger in front of him in disapproval.

“Ah-ah.” I croon, “Those who follow the rules will be rewarded, Mr. Morrison.”

“My apologies miss Hayes,” he is quick to say in that oh-so gravely- just sung his heart out- way of his, “I shall be better at containing myself.” His palms meet the wall on either side of him showing me he understands the game. He gives my curvaceous body a thorough perusing in the dim lighting- not that he can make out much.

I like it best to be kept shrouded in mystery. It adds to the mood.

“Now, where was I? Oh, yes.”

Sliding down his body, he watches intently at my next move- silently begging me to quicken my pace.
All in good time, love. Don’t you worry.
Steam builds in the room as I take his thick girth in my hands and lazily stroke him up and down, teasing him until he begs for my mouth. His hands ball into fists and he sucks in a sharp breath the same time my tongue flicks his tip.

“Bloody hell, woman. Let's end the game so you can let me fuck your dirty mouth instead” He growls low as his hands leave the wall and comb through my wet hair.

I pull back and my hands leave him, displeasure lacing my every word.

“Tisk. Tisk.” I give another finger wave, “You’re not following orders tonight, pet.” I shake my head back and forth slowly, “Must I remind you what happens when rules are not obeyed?” My lips twitch, “I feel showing you should fix things.”

His hands immediately leave my hair and go back to the wall without a vocal response.
Good boy.
Rule number one: no touching unless I say.
You would think after two years, he would have mastered this.
Is he wanting to be punished this go-around?
Either way, I win. I always win.
The shower room is big enough for me to stretch out, so, for his defiance, that is what I plan to do. Zane will have to stand and watch as I get myself off in front of him. Mind you, I have never done this in front of him or anyone for that matter. This is a first for me, and I feel only further empowerment at the action.

Taking the extended showerhead, I lay back on the warm tile floor, spread my legs open then position my body so he has a full view and so that the water from the shower wand falls exactly where I most desire.

If he touches himself while I get off, he knows the night will end without my assisting him, something he most craves.
I do enjoy being cheeky time to time. It’s far too easy with Zane. I need more of a challenge- someone to give me a spark of what I’m secretly begging for. Someone to take control, not one hundred percent, just enough to satisfy. I need to feel protected.

Well, this showerhead will have to do for tonight.

I begin circling my clit with a finger and let out a moan at the foreign sensations happening to me; the pounding of the warm water swiftly spikes my arousal and allows for the feeling of an audience to fall away from my mind. The sleeping med is kicking in and doing its magic.

I add a finger inside, then two and, *moans* -oh, yes, it feels so good. My moves become quicker and I’m pressing harder and deeper as I try my best to let go and give into the high. Zane has said he loves a woman who is not afraid to show and tell; he gets off on hearing my cries of ecstasy, so much so, I have made him come a time or two without so much as a touch.

Here I am more times than not, perched on the precipice, finding it difficult to reach the peak and fall over into a blissful climax.
Not this time, however. Before I knew it, I was crying out as my orgasm slammed into me and I was sent over the edge far faster than other times before.

Thank you sleeping pill for muddling my thoughts.

As I come down from the high and regain feeling in my extremities, I open my eyes and stare at him through hooded wet lashes, my full breasts heaving up and down and my thighs quivering oh-so very nicely. His hands are balled into fists against the wall and his breathing is short. His cock juts out, harder than ever as he gives it a twitch in my direction, the pierced head practically winking at me.
I raise an eyebrow and gather my wits.
The fierce mistress is ready to come out of her shell.

“Have we learned our lesson, Mr. Morrison?”

His answer is a wide-eyed nod then a bite to his pierced lower lip. No other words are used.
Good boy.
Rule number two: No talking during our sessions.

Too many times before this, men have tried using complements towards me. If anything, whether it be at the bar or during a quick shag, these words turn me off and make me want to knee them straight in their ballocks.

Bloody idiots, the lot of them.

I get to my knees, he then sucks in a sharp breath as I grasp him tightly and put the tip of him directly in my mouth. Swirling my tongue around, the metal from the piercing always feels foreign to me as it hits the back of my throat. He bucks and groans as I take all of him in my mouth, sucking hard, cupping and toying with his sack, knowing what fondling he likes best. When I knew he was close I released him in a pop then jacked him off until he came all over my chest. Zane, like most men out there, enjoys large breasts, and I do not disappoint in that area. It thrills him to see his come all over them.

“Christ, that-was…” *breathy*, “amazing.”

Zane is panting, his head resting against the wall, his body languid and spent as he looks his fill over the mess he made. He enjoys my demanding side and thinks it a quality I should use often with him. So, I do, quite well I might add.

He’s never dared to try and dominate me. He cannot handle this lass- not possible.

However, this is the last time for him and I; it's nothing against him and everything to do with me. If he was to stay with me, there would be nothing but negative press coming his way. He doesn’t deserve that as he's rocketed into the spotlight.

But I know he will not go down without a fight. Can I win this fight?


Thank you for reading! You can find this scene soon in my updated version of Painting Her Fate in ebook, paperback, and audiobook! -Coming to you September 19, 2022!

More for Me
Book 3 in the Tell All Secrets series
by Layla Lochran

This M/M/F workplace/ roommate romance is full of hot spicy scenes in Virginia Beach and London, tons of M/F, M/M, M/M/F & M/F/M experiences. If you are not a fan of the word 'f*ck, then you may not enjoy how these military men like to talk.  Let the fun, begin!


Harrison (Shark) Young (M/American) (Marine veteran, owner of a security company)
Miles Weston (M/British) (goes by 1st or last name, retired military, newly works for Shark)
Avery Caswell (F/ American/British transplant) (freelance designer)

Harrison is in London staying at Avery and Parker's flat for a few days while he and Parker are digging into a serious close-knit assignment that crosses intercontinentally. (Find out the full details in Lili's book, Painting Her Fate, and Alexander's book, Battle Born for You. There will be a rundown in this story so it is told as a stand-alone.)

***I am currently going through and remaking the manuscripts of my first two books in this series to prep them for audiobook production! Stay tuned for updates on when things are updated in ebook, paperback, as well as who the narrators will be!***


*This scene was inspired by the recent member numbers in Jason Clarke's fan group on Facebook, 'Jason's Gems'. We got on the topic of the number, 669, which happens to be well known in the polyamorous world. So, I thought I'd introduce you to a few of my characters 😉
Hope you enjoy!



Harrison (Shark)’s POV-
Just another night of tease, tease, tease, and please, please, oh yes, please. Plus, the number '669'.


With Weston in taking a shower after his workout, I take it upon myself to begin the nightly rituals. No, it’s not like we’re practicing witchcraft. Although now that it’s mentioned, there is quite a bit of begging, pleading, and cursing when the three of us are together. Maybe the slightest hint of torture, too.

Oh, man. *mischievous* With this plan, or shall I say the number I have in mind for us tonight, I won’t be surprised if people in Glasgow hear us.
Avery is on the couch with her legs tucked under her watching one of her girly programs, ‘Gossip Girl’, or something.

Doesn’t matter. I could care less about the Television right this second. My eyes and thoughts are specifically on her and what color those damn cheek-peeking panties might be. After dinner Avery put on one of Weston’s many superhero shirts. She likes temping me with no bra on, nipples peeking through, and her hair atop her head in a messy bun. Raw and beautiful.

The girl knows exactly how to get my engine revving.

Yes fucking please.   

I place my phone back in the pocket of my jeans the same time Avery’s phone chimes from the arm of the couch. She pops the last green grape into that delectable mouth of hers, sets the bowl down on the coffee table, then picks up her device. She’s quick to toss me a glance across the living room as she held her screen facing towards me.

Good. She read my message. Let's see how long it takes her to decipher it.

“Am I supposed to know what this means?” She asks.

I remain silent as the lines on her face give away her confusion. Then it clicks and the lines smooth out, replaced by a growing smile, “Is this what I think it means?” Her voice turns sultry, “Who’s in the middle this time?” She set her phone on the coffee table next to her bowl and planted her purple painted feet on the floor. Pink tints her cheeks now.

Good. Our girl is on board for what I have planned.

I can see her mind whirling at all the possibilities, and damn, what a sight it is.

That text I sent her, a simple three-digit number. ‘669’. That’s all it took to get that reaction from her.

It’s quite a fun number if you ask me. Makes me hard just thinking about the three of us acting it out.

Bring. It. On.

Like a flash of lightning, we pounce at one another in a haste. Kissing, touching, groping, then tearing at each other’s clothes, wanting to out do the other. The second she rips my shirt off I pick her up, her legs instinctually wrap around my waist and her hands rake through my hair. Avery strips herself free of Parker’s shirt as we make our way down the hall into Parker’s bedroom.

The greedy man has a king size bed all to himself.

Well. He did.

It’s a shared space as of late, or according to Parker, it’s a forty/ forty/ twenty split. Forty percent for each Avery and I, and he, as the biggest person in the bunch, has the twenty percent and cannot fathom as to the why of it.

I’ll be the first to admit that I am a bed hog and I have no shame in admitting that.

I like snuggling, so when someone moves away from me in the middle of the night, I move closer to them. If you move, come towards me, not away. Simple as that. You will have more of the bed.

Avery slides down my body as we pass through the doorway, her ass landing on the mattress with a bounce. Her head is at just the right height as she undoes my button and zipper then pulls both my jeans and boxer briefs down to my knees in one swift motion. I’ll allow her to play a little before West can join us.

Then it’s game on.

She breathes out one of her sexy sighs and, God damn, I want that sound on fucking repeat. No matter how many times this girl sees my body it’s as if she is unwrapping a surprise each and every time.  

Lucky me.

“Are you just going to stare at it all night?” I ask playfully as I shuffle out of my pants. Yeah, the socks are going too. West will never let me live that one down.

One time. It was one fucking time I left my socks on and now he is forever commenting about it.

Awe, fuck. Now I’m thinking back to our time in Virginia Beach.

Good God the man can suck cock. If he keeps that up all bets are off, I will grant him control every day if he so wishes.

Part of me is wanting that.

Woah, where did that thought come from?

Get back to the task at hand, Shark. No fucking time for thinking, just do what you do best. Please the woman.

“Maybe I am.” She peers up at me the same time those mischievous lips flash in a grin. “Or maybe I’m envisioning you, wrapped around Parker and I, helpless and at our mercy.”

My mouth goes dry as I see the wicked intent play out in her eyes. Her hand beings stroking my shaft and what a sight it is. I give a twitch of my cock, damn near helpless from her touch already.

This woman’s sex drive is higher than my own, and that is saying something because I am what you would call a sex fiend.

She craves touch, forever is seeking the thrill of something new. She’s smart, sexy, curvy, and feisty.


I vaguely catch the sound of the shower turn off, signaling West is getting ready to head to bed.

I’ve got about five minutes to get us into position.

Get ready West. This sight is going to blow-your-mind.

Still wanting to get a look see of those cheek-peeking panties, I take her wrists in one of my hands, pull them above her head, then we fall back into the middle of the mattress. With my body atop hers, our tongues tangle and fight for dominance.

Sorry little miss, you’re not winning tonight.

We all are.

I break our kiss and begin my exploration of her sensuous curves. I start with trailing kisses down her neck and along her collarbone, stopping at that one lonely freckle of hers just before the tip of her shoulder and I give it a kiss. I continue to her chest, breathing a trail of cool air as I go. These ‘C’ cups are all natural, pink and perky. They are all mine, and West’s of course. My hands let go of her wrists to fondle and pinch a nipple into submission. Her fingers dive right back into my hair, her nails raking my scalp and driving me fucking wild. I glance at her as I take a nipple into my mouth. Her eyes are closed, body arched into mine, pure lust coursing through her veins and a flush growing on her skin.

So damn perfect.

I’m not going to linger too much this time, there is so much more yet to do, and the night is far too young.

“Shark- where you going? Don’t leave.” She all but begs, then opens her eyes and releases my hair from her grip.

Never has my hair been played with as much as with these two, and I love it.

“That was just getting good.” She groans and I feel her rub her thighs together almost as if she had a premonition of where my next stop would be.

I couldn’t help a chuckle, “I need a good look at these panties you have on, little miss.” I shift lower down her torso, then reach the top of my destination. I can’t ever get enough of what this woman does to me.

It’s divine.

“What you do to me woman. -Fucking hell.”

She gives a faint hum of approval which stirs my blood even hotter.

Those cheekies, they do match her nail polish. They are mainly a purple cotton but have a bright pink lace trim on them, and if memory serves me correct, they show just the right amount of her peach. I’ve never been one to judge a person for what they have.

I love it all.

But her. There is way more to Avery that I’ve never allowed myself to feel or experience before.

Focus on the task, Shark.

There’s something else I find that catches my eye, my cock taking notice as well.

The wet spot is visible between her thighs, the cotton material soaking it in. I know exactly how she tastes, how she moans and writhes under me, how her demands turn me the fuck on, and I know right where her pleasure points are.

I need to be between her legs, like yesterday.

You were there yesterday, Shark

So I was.

In yet, I can never have enough.

I make quick work of removing her cheekies, toss them just outside the threshold for West to find as if they are bait to reel him in, then I dive right where I’m most eager to be.

But she closes her legs before I can get there.

“Nuh-uh, this is not you eating me out singularly’.” She sits up on her elbows, “get that delicious cock of yours over here, right now.”

Well, damn. Can’t say no to that. I meet her determined stare and grin, “Yes ma’am,” then give her a playful salute.

As if she has thought this through for all our sakes, she sits up then shifts so her head is at the foot of the bed, her feet now tucked under her pillow.

T-minus two minutes until West arrives. I know his schedule like the back of my hand. Us military men tend to stick to a routine no matter how many years out of the service.

Once we are in position, both eager and willing and shaking with desire, I shift her upper leg at an angle to get a better view my dessert.


Most women today go for shaving and waxing everything down below, not Avery. Her pussy is neatly trimmed and exactly what the little she-devil knows West and I like. Pair that with her tangerine smelly stuff and, fuck. I’m a goner.

Usually, I’ll dive right in, but we have to make sure West is here to watch her come the first time. That low growl deep in the back of his throat is enough to turn on anyone.

Fucking right it is.

Instead, I trail kisses along her thighs, nip at her sensitized skin, breathe in her citrusy scent, then I finally give in and trail my tongue along her slit.

Is it possible for a woman to taste better and better the more you have them? Kinda like a fine wine.

If so, I’ve died and gone to heaven.

Avery’s thighs quiver the same time she takes my cock deep into the back of her throat then releases me with a pop, then she continues on with nipping and massaging my balls.

We groan together, the sound filling the room and only further heightening our arousal.

Then we hear footsteps, next comes an inhale, presumedly of him smelling those cheekies, followed by a low menacing growl. Avery and I pause our escapades and glance in his direction.

West is standing there, dark gray towel slung low on his hips, Avery’s cheekies fisted in his hand, his well toned body ridged with lingering water droplets strewn about, and a face giving away every bit of the man’s interest. Avery is first to speak.

“We have a different kind of plan tonight. Wanna know what it entails?”

West cocks a smirk, meets both mine and Avery’s stare, then he allows the towel to come loose and fall in a pool at his feet.


His thick member lengthens as his eyes rake over the two bodies on his bed.

“Do tell, little miss.” That gravely tone sends shivers through me. The nickname we gave Avery sounds hella good coming from his baritone.

“Shark and I will continue on doing as we were,” A level of her own dominance now lacing her words, “which in turn requires you to fuck Shark tonight.”

The beefy six-foot-six linebacker of a man bites his lip as if in contemplation. Then his eyes flash with a newfound flame of need.

“I rather enjoy that idea,” he pauses, grabs the lube from his nightstand, then bends down over Avery for a kiss.

 That sight is so. Fucking. Hot.

Their tongues tangle then West breaks the kiss and moves his bruting body over to me, landing a hard passion-filled kiss on my wet lips. He growls again then pulls back.

“I love her taste on your tongue. It drives me mad, in the best damn way possible.”

“Don’t I know it.” I give a knowing grin.

He’s quick at getting right down to business, one of his slicked lubed fingers glides up and down the inside of my ass, at the same time Avery is pumping my cock and licking the pre-come off the tip. She keeps that up I’m going to blow in mere minutes.

“You want me here tonight, Shark? Because I want to be there.” West states confidently, always asking for permission first.

“You know I do.” My tone some-what breathy and begging, the same time more lube is added and his slick finger delves inside my aching hole.

“Fuck-awe, yes.”

West’s finger slides in and out a few times then he goes still, his domineering traits in full force now.

“Mate. I cannot continue until that fucking mouth of yours is on our lass.”

 Right. How could I forget? I make quick work at parting her folds and giving our woman what she most craves. What she deserves. My tongue swirls at her clit making her buck into my mouth. Her wetness coats me the same time I hear her moan.

“Parker.” She gasps and I glimpse through the tangle of limbs.

West is now two fingers deep in me, hitting that spot and stretching me wide.

All the while, his other hand is cupping Avery’s breast, flicking her nipple with his finger, back and forth, back and forth, and playing tonsil hockey with her. He swallows her moans and pants as the two of us bring her closer to the edge.

 Thank fuck she stopped stroking my length. It’s there in her hand but she’s otherwise too occupied at the moment to continue. I lap at her clit and, holy shit, by the flood surrounding my mouth, she is so damn close.

I give a good hard suck to her clit then feel her body stiffen but I don’t let up until she is squirming, her sign of it being overly sensitized. Her satisfied sigh fills the room.

That flood I mentioned is now a stream and I make damn sure to get every fucking drop of her sweetness.

“Give me your mouth, Shark. I need to taste our lass again before I fuck this tight hole.” West shifts his weight on the mattress and takes his hand from Avery’s body then grabs my jaw, not hard or menacing. Just right. A man’s rough tender touch.

That is also so God damn hot.

He takes everything from me that he wants, craves, and desires all at once. That low growl of his fills my mouth and I can’t help my ass tightening around his fingers at the sound.

“God, fuck me, West,” I demand softly, “take that thick cock of yours and make good on your promise.”

 His grip on my jaw tightens a fraction, “Is someone begging?” His tone turns sly, “I thought you didn’t beg, Shark.”

“Only when the gettin’ is good.” Avery is quick to chime in, her hand lazily stroking my shaft. “And trust me, the gettin’ is real, real good. Shark wants your cock, Parker. Best give him what he wants.”

I heave a sigh as he plunges his digits deeper, then deeper still, “What she said.” I murmur, half dazed.

With one last kiss on my lips, he then plants a kiss to my tanned shoulder blade then positions his body parallel to mine and lays next to me. I feel the head of his cock at my entrance, but he pauses.

“Round two. Show me how much you love Avery’s cunt. I want to watch you pleasure her.” West declares, his hips rocking in and out, teasing me to no end.

More pre-come beads from my slit and the sensation of Avery’s warm tongue lapping at it sends further shivers down my spine.

“It’s too good. I’m already close to coming.” I squeeze my eyes closed to try and distract myself. Avery pauses her little licks and sucking so I can get back under control.

“Eyes on me, Shark.” His demand is clear. The tone of a hard worn military man who is used to giving orders. “Damn it, Young.” He pulls away from my body and grabs my jaw once more, my eyes jerking open to stare directly into his, “I said eyes- on- me.”

Unspoken words flashed through his eyes, words only a soldier can understand. It was exactly like this in Virginia as well.

He’s got my six. I’ve got his. All three of us have each other’s back no matter what. He finds what he was looking for in my stare then nods.

“Alright.” He says then removes his hand from my face.

“Give it to me rough, West. I want to feel you for days after this.” I begin, but he’s quick to voice his own opinion.

“I’ll damn well do what I feel you deserve, not what you want.” That bruting tone of his voice, God damn. “Now, I advise you to do as I said and show me how much you love Avery’s cunt. I will not repeat myself, am I clear?”

Oh, yes. Commanding Parker West has to be my favorite type of man.

“Yes, sir.” I’m sure to meet his serious stare, then I get to work on priming our woman once more.

West adds more lube to his cock and makes quick work of making sure I am ready for him.

The first inch of his head is like pure heaven as he enters me. He knows I’ve been with other men and can take to being stretched. West has a big dick though. He stretches me near my limit. I love the slight burn as he passes the ring of muscle, then deeper still.

“Awe- fuck- so good. Yes. More.” I can’t make out complete sentences, my words are also muffled by Avery’s writhing body beside me.

He does, give me more that is, and soon he is buried to the hilt, then all bets are off.

The next few minutes went by in a blur.

I rest my head on Avery’s thigh and began fingering her tight slick hole. I add one, two, then three fingers deep inside, pumping and curling my digits as I lap and suck her in timed synchronicity.

Avery has my length in her hot mouth, gripping and swallowing almost all of me. The same time she begins playing with both mine and West’s balls, it’s so fucking erotic to feel them constrained, squeezed, and fondled by our woman’s nimble fingers.

West and I groan an approving, ‘fuck’ at the same time, our bodies completely at her mercy.

Fucking right.

All the while West is balls deep, continuously rubbing his shaft in just the right spot with every thrust. His mouth, God, that man’s mouth is evil as he nips and sucks my neck, then soothes it with his tongue, lathing over my wounds and pushing me dangerously close to the edge.

“Fuck.” I repeat. I’m close, *groans* so damn close. I can’t come yet though. Gotta get our girl off one more time before that happens. She’s close too, I can both feel and taste it.


“I’m about to- *gasp* yes- *gasp* right there- ah-.” Avery trembles against me and the bed begins to shake with all three of us riding the precipice.

“Come Avery” West forcefully demands, “Shark, save her come for me. It’s mine.” His movements are harder, deeper, more along the lines of how I love it and need it. He must be close too.

With Avery getting help from West thrusting into me, she is better able to control how deep my cock goes down her throat.

What a fucking sight we must make right now.

The thought makes my orgasm slam into me the same time Avery is also sent over the edge. We both cry out, our bodies going rigid and trembling, making the bed feel like an earthquake struck.

Three more thrusts from West then I feel his hot seed filling me, each jerky movement further extending my orgasm as his cock presses on that prefect spot inside me again and again.

I’m not sure how long it took for one of us to move, as I was the piggy in the middle, I wasn’t going anywhere, nor did I want to.

Next time, I want West to be in the middle so I can fuck him and experience that glorious view.

West pulls out slowly and I can feel his come ready to dribble out. The three of us are panting and trying to gather ourselves. Then West begins to chuckle lightly, an uncommon noise from him.

Sitting up I catch sight of what he is laughing at.

Avery didn’t quite get all my come in her mouth, rather, I’d say most of it landed on her face, chest, and in her hair. Well, at least she wore her hair up this time. I couldn’t help but chuckle too, then Avery joined in and the three of us had a good long post-sex laugh together.

“Time for another shower, little miss.” West states on another laugh.

Once he makes good on licking Avery’s pussy well and clean and giving her an unexpected third orgasm, he picks up her limp form in a cradle hold then the three of us make our way in for a well-deserved shower.

We are high on lust and drunk on something else entirely devoid of alcohol.

That being something I’m not willing to voice aloud just yet.


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2021 Layla Lochran

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