Layla lochran

_About Layla Lochran_

Layla Lochran is an international bestselling author known for her suspenseful romance Tell All Secrets series, her paranormal / Sci-Fi Ambrota Defenders series, as well as her poetry.

Layla resides nestled in the woodlands of Western New York with her son and their pet, Kit Kat. School-life is her passion and funky hair color is her fashion. She enjoys her family, musical instruments, festivals, and takes pride in being a volunteer LGBTQ+ youth counselor and advocator of Love is Love 

"There is always a rainbow after rain." - Layla Lochran
"Your canvas doesn't have to remain blank. Grab a brush and start painting." - Layla Lochran


T  E  L  L   A  L  L   S  E  C  R  E  T  S


Explore Layla Lochran's International Bestselling series, TELL ALL SECRETS where characters face their secret struggles head on and fall love in all types of ways. Ready or not, here they come. This series is soon to include (M/F), (M/M/F), (M/M), (F/F) 


Book 1: Painting Her Fate
-Lili's Story-

Book 2: Battle Born for You
-Alexander's Story- 

Book 3: More for Me
-Shark's Story-

Book 4

Book 5

A  M  B  R  O  T  A   D  E  F  E  N  D  E  R  S


Explore Layla Lochran's Sci-Fi Paranormal romance series, filled with early Norsemen, ancient folklore, on the edge of your seat adventure, and newfound love sure to win your heart. Defy the EYE is the prequel novella that creeps on early history with a mix of aliens, special superpowers, and hidden secrets.
Book one and all future books are placed in present day with flashbacks to the characters past. Here we have brooding heroes, tough as nails heroines, and a mysterious family you will adore.


                  Book 0.5: Defy the EYE- (prequel novella)

            Book 1